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Dublin Parashac, Savino, Hosler

Paul Parashac, Chris Savino, and JC Hosler presented a paper at the EABR conference in Dublin, Ireland. The paper, titled StarWorld: Preparing Accountants for the Future was presented on June 8, 2010 funded by a PwC grant and will be published in the American Journal of Business Education.

(Photo taken in front of Trinity College - Dublin, Ireland)


Professor Joseph Ragan: Chair of the Department of Accounting at Saint Joseph's University


STAR Scholar Achievements

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The STAR Scholar Program is designed to prepare our students for the pinnacle of success using cutting edge technology. Students interested in accounting systems will gain exposure to high level system applications. Their work as a team will enhance their professional skills and gain recognition for the Saint Joseph's University Accounting program.

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STAR Scholars involve themselves in a series of special research activities under the direction of Professor Ragan. These activities include:

  • Developing scenarios of various software applications involving Enterprise Resource Planning software and SAP
  • Sponsored participation in special events with faculty and alumni in technology and consulting fields




  • Over the past ten years Star Scholars have won eight best academic paper awards with presentations in both Europe, North America, and Australia.
  • Several Star Scholars have completed SAP certification programs conducted by SAP America.
  • Twelve scholars have received grants as part of the University Summer Scholar Program.
  • Star project work has enabled numerous grants - the most recent being a $50,000 grant to assist in the creation in the StarWorld Ledger SAP project.
  • Star Leaders oversee the rollout of SAP and several upper level accounting courses.