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Certificate of Competency
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Upon completion of their accounting program, students are awarded a Certificate of Competency in SAP R/3.

Today's business world needs highly qualified professionals in the rapidly expanding field of enterprise management technology, which studies the integration of critical business processes in the overall management of a company or organization.

Through the recent advances in information and communication technologies, it is now possible for companies and organizations to have customized information networks that can instantly link employees with other factories, branch offices, business partners and customers around the world.

Saint Joseph's University is among a handful of institutions that has been chosen from among business schools nationwide to be a member of the SAP Alliance. SAP, which stands for Systems, Anwendungen Produkten in der Datenverarbeitun and translates to Systems, Products in Data Processing, was developed in Germany in 1972. SAP, serves thousands of large and mid-size companies and institutions worldwide, including Colgate-Palmolive, Bristol Myers-Squibb, General Mills, Callaway, Quaker State, 3Com, Compaq, Intel and Microsoft, to name a few.