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SAP Financial Accounting Functionality is integrated within accounting courses FAIS I, II, and III. This provides an understanding of functions including: financial reporting, ledgers, and financial analysis.

In the Spring semester, the students teamed up to solve case based problems, presenting solutions within the various scenarios available in SAP. The students were able to complete these presentations with their knowledge from the course as well as with assistance from the Star Scholars. Below, you may click the thumbnail images to get a full view of some of the project scenarios.


Financial Reporting

Jackie DiAmicis analyzes a financial report identifying unusual areas for follow-up.

Production Process

Ryan Gondeck overviews the process from production planning to product delivery.

Profitability Analysis

Jonathan Gregory directs class attention to analysis of variance in determining profitability of product lines.


Corporate Ledgers

Phil Longino explains the T-accounts associated with manufacturing within SAP.

Financial Derivatives

Dan Mazza overviews interest rate swaps and their financial statement value.

Accounts Receivable

Dunning is discussed in this sales presentation.


Analysis of Variance

Amanda Mergenthal provides analysis of costs using strategic reporting within SAP.

Financial Ledger

Matt Naccarelli stands in front of a list of the various ledger accounts linking them to their internal cost centers.

Corporate Profitability

Megan Sacksteder points out how SAP reports can make the business more profitable.


Financial Information

Here is the posting of journal entries as the product is received into inventory.

Financial Analysis

Nav Singh demonstrates the analytics capability of the sales operating plan within production planning.

Advanced Reporting

Mike Tecce demonstrates interactive graphics as a function of advanced analytics within SAP R/3.


Process Planning Reports

Mike Tecce presents a time line chart showing product development and cost.

Attribute Evaluations

Jim Terranova explains how SAP can evaluate vendors, ranking them by price and reliability.

Product Planning

Sharon Valentino presents a Gantt Chart and its use in production planning.