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SAPGUI 730 Installation Instructions

At Saint Joseph's University, we use the latest SAPGUI software and instances.
Please use the below automated installer to install SAPGUI 730
If you would like a video walkthrough of the installation, click here. (Note: Please ignore the GUI patch level in the video)

Downloading the current version of SAP Front End

Download SAPGUI for Windows (release 7.30)

Download SAPGUI for Mac (release 7.30) -SAPGUI 7.30 Java for Mac OSX Installation (Revision 8). Support for Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) - JAVA JDK 64-bit download is required.

It is recommend that when prompted that you save the file to your desktop rather than try to run it directly from the browser. Once downloaded, run the installer.  The installation may take over 15 minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

Post-Installation Tasks


Double click on the  "SAP Logon" icon on your desktop to launch the SAP Front End.

The "SAP Logon 730" window will appear.

730 Download

Also, check to make sure the SAPGUI version is current. Click the top left button on the "SAP Logon 730" window and navigate to "About SAP Logon..." and confirm that the SAP Version Information matches the below screenshot.

730 Download 2

The first time you try to connect to a SAP instance, you may be prompted by the Windows Firewall that "SAP Logon for Windows" is being blocked. You will need to click unblock to use "SAP Logon for Windows".

SAPGUI Unblock Firewall

You will be given usernames and further instructions during class.

Any problems? Contact the Laptop Program Office MV 349 610-660-1678 laptophelp@sju.edu