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In April some of the STAR leaders visited the production facility for Tasty Baking Company (TBC) in order to be further acquainted with production processing in real business practice. Stars were able to observe something very familiar--SAP--because Tasty Baking Company just added the new 4.7 version of the SAP ERP package to its business.

Members of Tasty Foods' accounting department took some time after the tour of the factory to speak with us and give us a demonstration of SAP in their business. After the demo, the stars learned a great deal about the importance of Enterprise Resource Planning in business, and also learned a bit about the struggles in upgrading to a new system. Special thanks to the management of Tastykake for their kindness in allowing us to see their magical world.


Butterscotch Krimpets roll off the assembly line.

A view of their state-of-the-art baking equipment.


PB Kandy Kakes being inspected as they go through assembly.

It's hard to believe that this raw material will eventually become a best-selling cup cake.


Cream filled cupcakes as they are rolling toward the packaging area.

Our group after the cooks' tour.


Mike Santoro, Jackie DiAmicis, Brian Rizman, Ashley Waddington, Mike Schultz, Matt Naccarelli

Brian Rizman and Jackie DiAmicis, authors of the Startracker SAP Series, get together after the tour at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.