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Family Business and Entrepreneurship

Welcome to Family Business and Entrepreneurship
Does the idea of working for your own venture appeal to you? If so, you are part of the increasing tide of people that believe the best way to secure their future and make a difference in the world around them is to pursue the creation and expansion of their own family business.  Substantial research suggests entrepreneurial and family ventures are major contributors to economic and employment growth and represent nearly 50 percent of U.S. gross domestic product.  Entrepreneurial and family ventures face many hurdles in achieving success and long-term growth.  The major in Family Business and Entrepreneurship is designed to provide students with the tools, theory, and practical knowledge required to launch new ventures and function within a family business environment.  Students may also minor in Family Business and Entrepreneurship in support of other academic pursuits.  The minor is appropriate for both Haub School of Business and Arts and Science majors alike.