Haub School of Business

Family Business and Entrepreneurship

Curriculum: Major and Minor

In addition to courses required within the Saint Joseph University curriculum, students majoring in Family Business and Entrepreneurship are required to take 4 core courses in sequence, and can choose 2 electives.

Family Business and Entrepreneurship Core Courses: 

FBE 230:  Introduction to Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

  • explores the fundamental processes of entrepreneurship and new venture creation including: the development of innovative thinking, opportunity recognition, venture exploration which would ultimately lead to a new venture
  • develops skills that are necessary for successfully building a new venture team that possesses the appropriate attributes.

FBE 231: Family Business

  • explores the unique interpersonal and business issues associated with a family-owned and managed firm.

FBE 360: Business Law for Entrepreneurial Firms

  • surveys and analyzes the legal issues faced by new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial firms.
  • covers issues facing the entrepreneur including: leaving your current employer, structuring the ownership of the new company, and obtaining appropriate legal, accounting and insurance advice.

FBE 495: Family Business and Entrepreneurship Capstone

  • integrates the various concepts of the core Family Business and Entrepreneurship courses to develop a comprehensive business plan to either create a new venture or to grow an existing family business.
  • students will assess opportunities, collect and interpret relevant data to exploit the identified opportunity, identify the target market, and determine financial viability.

Students must choose 2 of the following selected courses: *

FBE 270, 370, or 470: Special Topics
FBE 330: Social Entrepreneurship
FBE 490/491: Internship I and II
FBE 493/494: Research I and II
FIN 303: Small Business Finance
FPL 200: Personal Financial Planning
FPL 301: Estate Planning
FMK 202: Overiew of Global Food Industry
FMK 302: Understanding Food Customers and Consumers
FMK 312: New Product Development
IBU 210: International Business
LEO 210: Business, Stakeholders, and Ethics
LEO 211: Perspectives on Leadership
LEO 212: Organizational Sustainability
MHC 220: Introduction to Managing Human Capital
MHC 221: Diversity in the Workplace
MHC 222: Influence, Negotiation and Conflict Skills
MHC 360: Employment and Labor Law
MKT 202: Market Research
RMI 301: Risk Management

* See course descriptions in the Academic Catalog for prerequisites

Family Business and Entrepreneurship Minor (6 Courses)

The minor is open to Arts and Sciences and Haub School of Business students

The Family Business and Entrepreneurship minor can be a particularly interesting option to support a student’s primary interests in the arts, sciences, and other business disciplines.    For example, musicians/artists can learn how to think about managing their careers as running their own business.  Additionally, those majoring in food or sports marketing or risk management and insurance can learn how to launch their own operation, franchise or agency.   

Required (6):

MGT 110/120/121 (Essentials of Organizational Behavior/Essentials of Management/Honors Organizations in Perspectives)*
MGT 360/MGT 361: (Legal Environment of Business/Honors Introduction to Law - University Honors students only*
FBE 230: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and New Ventures**
FBE 231: Family Business**
FBE 360: Business Law for Entrepreneurial Firms**
FBE 495: Family Business and Entrepreneurship Capstone**

* Courses in the Haub School of Business core
**Must be taken in sequence