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Undergraduate Food Marketing

Employing over 3.4 million people, the food industry is the largest employer in the United States. By choosing Food Marketing as a major you can become a vital part of this $590 billion dollar industry comprising over 10% of the first 50 Fortune 500 companies. 

  • The only Food Marketing education program in the country offering undergraduate, graduate and executive continuing education at an internationally accredited school of business
  • Offered through the Haub School of Business, top-ranked for industry-specific degree programs by BusinessWeek and U.S.News & World Report
  • Balanced liberal arts and Food Marketing curriculum, 40 course degree requirement
  • Five-year Cooperative Education option available for academic credit plus salary.
Leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, the undergraduate Food Marketing curriculum consists of both liberal arts courses and general business courses such as Accounting, Finance, Management, Statistics, and Business Intelligence. The remainder of the curriculum is specific to Food Marketing, and focuses on sales and marketing strategies, retailing, wholesaling, distribution, and market research.

Our faculty aims to create practical, hands-on coursework with as close a connection to real-world industry needs and issues as possible. Additionally, you’ll be encouraged to participate in study tours, semesters abroad, facility tours, industry events and symposia, to make your experience relevant and directly applicable to a career in the food industry. You will be prepared to reach your highest personal and professional goals.

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