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Meet the Faculty
  • Highly committed, food marketing faculty members
  • Globally recognized, lecture on 6 continents
  • Publish extensively
  • Sit on 10 government committees, 7 editorial boards and 8 industry boards
  • Co-teach with industry experts

Department of Food Marketing
Dr. Ferdinand Wirth

Dr. Nancy M. Childs

Dr. Sean Coary

Dr. Mark Lang

Mr. George Latella

Dr. Emily Moscato

Dr. John L. Stanton

Department of Accounting
Dr. Joseph Larkin


Department of Decision & Systems Sciences
Dr. Vipul Gupta

Dr. Ronald Klimberg

Dr. John Yi


Department of Finance
Dr. Christopher Coyne

Dr. Ginette McManus


Department of Management
Dr. Ronald Dufresne

Dr. John J. McCall

Dr. Stephen Porth

Dr. Claire Simmers

Dr. David S. Steingard