Saint Joseph's University Executive MBA

Online Healthcare EMBA Curriculum

Students will earn their MBA by completing up to 19-24 accelerated, 2-credit courses delivered completely online. This curriculum covers 48 credits including: 12 industry-focused courses, 1 elective and 6 core business courses. Students without business prerequisites may also be required to complete up to 5 foundation-level business courses. A complete transcript review will be conducted for each candidate during the admissions process to detirmine any potential waivers or exemptions.

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Already have an MBA?

In additiona to the full MBA degree, we are also offering the opportunity to earn an Advanced Graduate Certificate by completing any 6 of our industry-focused courses.

Cohort begins September 2017. Applications are now being accepted.

For direct questions and personal assistance, contact:
Jonathan Dart at 610-660-3149 or