Erivan K. Haub School of Business

The Data Intelligent MBA®

“Data informs action. People who understand this information and who can discover opportunities to exploit it, are an extremely valuable asset. They are the new agents of opportunity and change.”

  -Richard Herschel, Ph.D.

The Data Intelligent MBA® delivers deep analytical expertise AND broad-based business learning to:
  • Produce relevant, real time, actionable data
  • Increase ROI on information assets
  • Empower the workforce with analytical tools
  • Improve decision making
  • Enhance the bottom line

Classes offered FULLY ONLINE! No residency required

  • Option to combine On Campus classes with Online


Innovative curriculum consists of:

  • 6 MBA courses with a focus on strategy, leadership, critical reasoning, business ethics and global perspective
- Broad based business knowledge for enterprise-wide initiatives 
- “Big Picture” strategic perspective
- Advance skills in communication, critical thinking, teaming, problem solving, ethical decision making, globalization
- Leadership acumen to progress to senior positions
  • 6 Business Intelligence & Analytics courses provide in-depth technical expertise
- Build functional skills in high demand area
- In-depth expertise
- SAS endorsed curriculum, exposure to SAP, Tableau

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