Erivan K. Haub School of Business

The Data Intelligent MBAsm

“Data informs action. People who understand this information and who can discover opportunities to exploit it, are an extremely valuable asset. They are the new agents of opportunity and change.”

  -Richard Herschel, Ph.D.

The Data Intelligent MBAsm delivers deep analytical expertise AND broad-based business learning to:
  • Produce relevant, real time, actionable data
  • Increase ROI on information assets
  • Empower the workforce with analytical tools
  • Improve decision making
  • Enhance the bottom line


Classes offered FULLY ONLINE! No residency required

  • Option to combine On Campus classes with Online


Innovative curriculum consists of:

  • 6 MBA courses with a focus on strategy, leadership, critical reasoning, business ethics and global perspective
- Broad based business knowledge for enterprise-wide initiatives 
- “Big Picture” strategic perspective
- Advance skills in communication, critical thinking, teaming, problem solving, ethical decision making, globalization
- Leadership acumen to progress to senior positions
  • 6 Business Intelligence & Analytics courses provide in-depth technical expertise
- Build functional skills in high demand area
- In-depth expertise
- SAS endorsed curriculum, exposure to SAP, Tableau


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