Saint Joseph's University Executive MBA

MBA Direct Admission Program

Your undergraduate education at Ursinus College has prepared you with the critical thinking, complex reasoning, and written communication skills essential for success. Now, as an Ursinus graduate, you can take advantage of our partnership with Saint Joseph’s University to further enhance your credentials with an MBA from SJU. The MBA program at Saint Joseph’s University is designed to build on the skills you developed at Ursinus by challenging you to expand your business knowledge, to develop your managerial acumen and leadership skills, and to help you become a strategic and ethical leader in today’s global economy. As a continuation of a partnership that has spanned more than 30 years, Ursinus graduates can matriculate to the MBA program at Saint Joseph’s University immediately after or within two years of graduation to earn program benefits. All graduates, regardless of major, are eligible to apply.



For questions regarding the application process, contact Kate Sonstein at 610-660-1690 or e-mail