MS International Marketing

Course Descriptions

MKT 611 Global Marketing Concepts 3 credits

This course explores the complex environment in which international marketing operations are carried out, including the influence of market size; regional trade; social, cultural, legal and political dimensions; market entry strategies; branding and pricing decisions; market channels and other tactics for effective international marketing. Special attention is paid to the experiences of multinationals based in developed countries, but operating in developing countries. Prerequisite: MKT 201 or MKT 501.

MKT 612 Global Cultures and Consumers 3 credits
This course will start with a strong grounding in the key theories of consumer psychology and sociology to help students better understand several important models for understanding the way consumers behave. Managerial implications for understanding various customers and for forging collaborative relationships with customers will be emphasized. Importantly, this course will immerse students in all aspects of several important cultures and traditions across the globe. Working from the assumption that experiencing a given culture involves more than just reading about and studying the culture from a
third-person, passive perspective, this course will engage students to delve into the experiential aspects of, for example, the art, music, food, and spirit of those cultures. Prerequisite: MKT 201 or MKT 501.

MKT 613 International Channel Management 3 credits
An introduction to cycle of goods (the Channels) from the starting point of sourcing through to payment by the end-user, with a strong focus on the international aspects of moving goods. These core processes involve the traditional functional boundaries and encompass important activities such as information management; inventory flow scheduling and control; logistics-production coordination; international transportation systems operation and infrastructure; and customer service, order fulfillment, and distribution facilities management. Prerequisite: MKT 201  or MKT 501.

MKT 614 International Marketing Research 3 credits
This course exposes the student to research methodology, and qualitative and quantitative data analytic methods that can be applied to marketing topics. It addresses general and contemporary issues in product development, pricing, promotion, and channels in the international marketing context. Attention is also given to international consumer behavior, macro marketing, and other matters. Prerequisite: MKT 201 or MKT 501.

MKT 615 Emerging Markets 3 credits
Many of the world’s fastest growing economies are emerging markets that are aggressively moving to improve their economies to the level of the world’s more advanced nations. Emerging markets can be found in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and in Africa. Large or small, these countries have something of value for international trade in terms of natural resources, labor, technology, location or culture. Emerging markets are the recipients of a variety of international financial support from multi-national organizations and foreign aid from wealthy nations like the United States and the EU. Frequently, they enjoy special trading status with reduced tariffs for their exports to more advanced countries. Emerging markets have also formed trading groups among themselves. This course will examine the world’s leading emerging markets by region of the world with an emphasis on government policies designed to foster growth, development, and trade with other emerging markets and the developed world. Specific countries to be examined will include China, India, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, and South Africa. Prerequisite: MKT 201 or MKT 501.

MKT 616 Global Marketing Communications 3 credits
This course offers an introduction to the disciplines within marketing communication and to the concept and practice of integrated marketing communication planning. It includes descriptions of fundamental theory and practice within advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, e-commerce, event planning, and sponsorships. Students will also explore the role of cultural differences, social-political issues, and global communications institutions in helping multinational organizations communicate with target audiences.Prerequisite: MKT 201 or MKT 501.

MKT 617 Quantitative Methods for International Marketing Management 3 credits
This course helps the international marketing student develop practical quantitative competencies for analyzing micro and macro economic trends as well as key financial metrics. The course is designed to enhance the ability of marketer managers to effectively conceptualize, plan, implement, and evaluate strategies that are supported by a synthesis of financial, operations, and statistical research. The course addresses issues, including but not limited to, product performance, pricing strategies, promotional campaigns, retailing, logistics, inventory control, sales management, services, transaction cost analysis,
and currency values. Prerequisites: MKT 201 or MKT 501; ACC 101, ACC 205 or ACC 500; FIN 200 or FIN 503 and admission to the M. S. in International Marketing Program or permission of the instructor.

MKT 618 International Product Development and Brand Management 3 credits
This course is designed to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of complex problems in developing and marketing products and services. Students will be exposed to a variety of planning concepts and tools that are available to managers to assist with the creation and management of products and services for the international market. In addition, this course examines brand equity and brand management. Here the focus will be on exploring and understanding the importance of brands, what brands mean to international consumers, and how they should be managed. Prerequisite: MKT 201 or MKT 501.

MKT 795 Seminar in International Marketing 3 credits
This capstone course builds upon the lessons and skills acquired in previous international marketing courses. It prepares the student to actively lead and/or support decision-making processes for international marketing operations. Bringing together marketing strategy and policy, the course reviews current topics in international marketing, such as branding, product and market development, channels of distribution, competition as well as cross-cultural perspectives on customer relationship management, intellectual property, ethics, and other contemporary issues. Prerequisite: MKT 201 or MKT 501 and admission to the M. S. in International Marketing Program or permission of the instructor.

MKT 770 International Marketing Study Tour 3 credits
This is a specifically designed tour to varying locations which offered students a unique opportunity to study international marketing and develop a better understanding of the global marketing environment: its dimensions, participants, trends, and opportunities. Students will also experience the cultural heritage, ambiance, and excitement of the world’s great countries and cities. Prerequisite: admission to the MS. in International Marketing Program or permission of instructor.

MKT 771 Research in International Marketing 3 credits
By permission of Chair.