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Networking Activities

Visiting the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

MIM Business Networking ActivitiesThe visit to the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) marked the first field trip of the International Marketing Club. There could not have been a better luck-off start to the IMC activities than be hosted for lunch by Ms. Sheryl Rothberg, Director International Chambers at GPCC; John Mahoney, Vice-President of GPCC; and Joanna Saverino, representative of Young Professional Network (YPN).

All the members of the club along with Christine Kaczmar-Russo, Program Director of MS-International Marketing at SJU, were welcomed by Ms.Rothberg and her colleagues. The afternoon began by socializing over a splendid lunch organized by the host, followed by a round of formal introductions initiated by Ms.Rothberg. She and her colleagues explained the mission, organizational structure and activities of the Chamber of Commerce in general, then the role of the international chamber in particular. The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to its members' growth and prosperity by their commitment to help their members compete regionally and globally by providing them with outstanding programs, benefits and services. The Chamber has a number of dedicated international councils - British, Chilean among others, to promote trade between these nations and the USA . For example, the Chilean and American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philahidelpa (CACCGP) is a non-profit, apolitical membership organization created to foster increased and improved commercial and trade relations between the Republic of Chile and the Greater Philadelphia region. The chamber brings together people and businesses with an interest in reaching this goal through participation in a variety of activities and programs.

It was interesting to learn about such fact as the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce's functions, and their plans to invest heavily over the coming days in marketing the Greater Philadelphia region for business and investment.

Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association

Philadelphia Direct Marketing AssociationSteve O' Driscoll, President of Alternative Marketing Solutions Inc. (AMS) and President of the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association, was our first guest speaker to start off the IMC. It was a great start with a presentation on "How to Create a Marketing Plan that Works" for which he provided some examples of real business proposals. Some of his renowned work includes creating and launching the 30 year Ed McMahon campaign for Colonial Penn Insurance, creating the Eagles marketing campaign to sell seats and luxury suites at Lincoln Financial Field, and managing the TV Guide marketing campaign for 15 years. The insight and experience that he shared with us that day was invaluable.

Doing Business in the Middle East

With all the media attention on Iraq and the potential business opportunities to come because of the fall of Saddam Hussein, what better way to learn than from a first-hand experience from a St. Joe's alumni? Edward Kuljian, an owner of a consulting firm with more than 30 years of international experience and CEO of one of the world's largest Engineering and Construction Management organizations, provided us with insights on doing business in the Middle East . A great complementary speech that can not be learned from a textbook!

A 'World Culture" Experience

Philadelphia Business Networking Activities On Thursday, November 6, 2003 the MIM students joined the International Visitors Council (IVC) at the PNC Bank Building in Philadelphia for a seminar on world cultures with speaker, Terri Morrison. Ms. Morrison, the co- author of the book, Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands: How to Do Business in 60 Countries, presented a variety interesting topics related to the different business etiquettes of a variety of countries. In a short three hour session, Ms. Morrison provided us with a full cultural overview of how to approach different business practices and protocols, while analyzing cognitive styles and religious and social factors that influence business around the globe. From the Japanese bow greeting to the United States ' "time is money" attitude, cultures can have completely different ways of conducting their business. By providing real examples of cultural blunders, such as literal translations of advertising messages, and successes in global marketing efforts, Ms. Morrison helped solidify the connection between these serious issues and international business. Overall, this seminar proved that the understanding and awareness of cultural differences can leverage a successful business deal for a company doing business abroad and prevent unnecessary missteps. This will also help us in understanding how to approach different cultures in our travels abroad in March!

Moroccan Dinner

The first cultural awareness event held by the IMC began with an authentic Moroccan dinner meal and show, followed by Latin dancing at Café Habana. This cultural experience is a big part of our on - going process of learning and embracing different cultures. Bravo to Victoria Elman for her fantastic job organizing the event!