MS International Marketing

International Student Testimonies

Smitha Iyer

"The one year I spent in Saint Joseph's University was the most enriching time of my life, not only for the academic knowledge I gleaned, but also for the whole new world of experiences it opened up for me. The diverse mix of students from varied backgrounds all gave me an insight into a way of life so different from mine. The small class size enabled me to know my teaching faculty well and vice-versa. It gave me invaluable training for a career in a country foreign to me that I put to use everyday. And of course the awesome faculty who acted more as confidants and friends and some of whom remain as mentors till this day helped me find the best in me and develop it further."

Rudiger Hornung

National Category Manager, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company

"I jumped right into the MS in International Marketing Program after graduating with a BS in Food Marketing. Already convinced that Saint Joseph's was a wonderful place to be, I looked forward to receiving a truly global education to prepare me for my international career. And I was not to be disappointed. Since graduating I have had the opportunity to work in Hong Kong, mainland China, Germany, and the US. In the MIM Program, I found the professors to be knowledgeable, the topics fascinating, and enjoyed working in a strong, team-driven classroom environment. I also met a lot of people from all over the world and have stayed in touch with them to this day."

Asif Aftab

Bangladesh / Malaysia

"Currently as a student, I can say with confidence that Saint Joseph’s University provides a great environment for international students. The student body is very diverse culturally, as well as in experience, which brings different perspectives into class discussions. Faculty and staff are always approachable and willing to help students in anything from course material to career advice. As for the International Marketing program itself, I'm highly impressed with the caliber of faculty/staff. They come from established positions within industry providing a balance between theory and real world experiences. Saint Joseph’s University offers flexible learning, values diversity, and promotes cultural diversity. I feel that that International Marketing Program is preparing me to take the challenge in the global marketplace. The program really aids the students in adapting to a real global working environment in the future. I feel like I went from being a citizen of a country to being a true global citizen."

Chutima Ruanguttamanun (Kay)


"I will always affectionately remember my experience at Saint Joseph’s University. They took a chance to try and help me, and that I will always appreciate. I met many people from the United States and the rest of the world. I learned so much inside and outside of the classroom. Saint Joseph’s prepared me to contribute to my community and country. I now plan to pursue my Ph.D. to eventually return to my country to teach. I will always be proud to be a MIM graduate. I have so much to say about this program, but I would rather have you experience it yourself. I am certain that you will find it to be a tremendous experience as well."