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Brian Brown

Associate Director, Logistics and Analytics Cephalon Inc.

"I have been successful throughout my career due to my dual skill set of business and technical capabilities. When I decided to further my education with a graduate degree, I searched for a program that would provide formal education in both arenas. The MS in Business Intelligence program provides such a dual focus. Technical courses are taught with an eye toward how business can utilize the technology, while the business concentration courses enable students to enhance their knowledge of a specific business area. I know that the knowledge that I have gained from the program will help me in my quest for continued advancement in the future. I would recommend this program to anyone who is seeking to develop or refine their skills in the realm of business technology.”

Ira Yermish, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Decision & System Sciences Saint Joseph’s University

“The M.S. in Business Intelligence program is ideal for professionals in business functional areas such as marketing, accounting, and finance who are faced with mountains of data and important strategic and tactical business decisions. Our program will give these professionals the tools to ask the right questions and navigate through data toward the appropriate answers. For undergraduates with an interest in technology and a focus on using that technology to solve business problems, this program will give them a path toward more lucrative and challenging business opportunities.”