Haub School of Business

International Business Program

Welcome to the International Business Program

Do you want to learn about other countries and cultures?  Are you willing to expand and explore opportunities in other markets?  Would you like to develop working relations with people located in other countries?  The international business program at Saint Joseph’s University allows students to understand the tools, theory, and practical knowledge required to function in effectively in a geographically interconnected world. A combination of courses, case studies, team projects, exposures and experiences prepare students to develop skills and cultural awareness to operate in this international environment.

The design of the International Business program at SJU is interdisciplinary in nature. Students take a variety of courses exploring the international dimensions of business, as well as other courses in the school of arts and sciences that enhance the knowledge about other countries and cultures. In addition, students are encouraged to study abroad or participate in a study tour to gain direct exposure to an international experience. Students in the international business program are encouraged to join the International Business Society to network with other students with similar interests, attend events and increase awareness and knowledge of the international field.