Haub School of Business

International Business Program

Why International Business?

The international business program offers an array of option to develop, fine tune and gain focus on the various unique aspects of International Business. Options to study international business at SJU:

Major in International Business - Class of 2015-2018

The IB major provides students at Saint Josephs’ University the highest level of exposure to international business topics and coursework to operate in a global environment. Students majoring in international business take six major concentration courses in international business, an advanced course in a target language, and an international exposure. In addition, students majoring in IB are strongly encouraged to choose a minor in a foreign language, or concentrate in other areas complementary to international business such as Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, International Relations or Economics.

Minor in International Business

A minor in International Business can become a powerful complement to the specialized business majors like accounting, finance, management, marketing, food marketing and pharmaceutical marketing. The minor consist of taking six courses at three levels focusing on the different aspects of international business. The synergies between the IB program and some of the specialized courses in your major, as well as the courses in GER and electives permit courses to double count for complete a minor in international business.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the international business major find employment opportunities with multinational corporations, international financial institutions or with other organizations exposed to the international environment. Overseas assignments usually come after a few years with a company, although they may come faster if the student possesses specialized skills needed by the company in its foreign operations. Many opportunities exist domestically to advance to positions of coordinating international activities. In addition, after completing the IB major students may pursue a graduate degree, including the Master of International Marketing program at SJU or other graduate programs in a wide range of fields.