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In concert with the Ignatian vision of intellectual excellence informed by conscience, our mission as the Department of Management is to develop leaders who have a broad, value-oriented perspective, and who are able to integrate many dimensions of organizations--behavioral, cultural, economic, environmental, ethical, historical, international, legal, and structural--in making balanced and responsible decisions that affect their organizations, their stakeholders, and themselves. We prepare students to continue in life as creative, highly skilled and intellectually curious learners who exhibit rigorous, moral, and stakeholder-based discernment in their actions and decision-making.

Toward fulfilling our mission, the management faculty is committed to listen and advise you toward achieving your goals and objectives. Your job as student is to proactively take advantage of our expertise and willingness to help.

Meet the Management Faculty

(CHAIRPatton, Eric

Alleruzzo, Michael

Neiva, John
Balotsky, Ed

Nelson, Lisa

Dufresne, Ron Rashford, Nick Fr.
Ford, Lucy Robson, Regina
Kury, Kenny Saparito, Patrick
Lutzow, George Simmers, Claire 
Lvina, Elena Song, Sangcheol
Mauri, Alfredo Steingard, David
McCall, John Swift, Tim
McDevitt, Bill Weidner, Ken

Major and Minor in International Business (IBU)
This major provides interested students with the tools, theory, and practical knowledge required to function in an international business environment.  The program is interdisciplinary and focuses on the U.S. business environment and on the differences between the business environment in the U.S. and foreign countries.  The curriculum, including, a required International exposure experience, prepares the student for an entry-level domestic position at a multinational corporation. The major provides the opportunity for students to develop a proficiency in a language of their choice. Contact: Dr. Alfredo Mauri, amauri@sju.edu Meet the IB Faculty

Major and Minor in Family Business and Entrepreneurship (FBE)
Substantial research suggests entrepreneurial and family ventures are major contributors to economic and employment growth and represent nearly 50 percent of U.S. gross domestic product.  Entrepreneurial and family ventures face many hurdles in achieving success and long-term growth.  The major in Family Business and Entrepreneurship is designed to provide students with the tools, theory, and practical knowledge required to launch new ventures and function within a family business environment.  Contact: Dr. Patrick Saparito psaparit@sju.edu   Meet the FBE Faculty

Major and Minor in Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Sustainability (LEO)
The objective of this major is to develop leaders whose goal is to lead and work for the Greater Good. Leading for the greater good entails awareness of and striving for success as defined by the widely accepted sustainability planet/people/profit triple bottom-line. The skills acquired by students graduating with this major (e.g. leadership, creativity, strategic decision-making, resource management, critical analysis, strategic planning, and broad world-view) are all attractive and relevant in a traditional corporate environment as well as a natural fit for students who wish to embark on a career in non-profit management. Contact: Dr. Ronald Dufresne, mailto:rdufresn@sju.edu  Meet the LEO Faculty

Major and Minor in Managing Human Capital (MHC)
The goal of this proposed major and minor is to develop managers who lead human capital-centric/high-involvement organizations. In addition to simply attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent, creating a human-capital centric organization involves organizing and managing people so that they perform in ways that lead to excellent organizational performance. In addition to developing future managers, this major is also a pathway for students who more specifically aspire to a career in Human Resource Management or Talent Management.  Contact: Dr. Lucy Ford, lford@sju.edu  Meet the MHC Faculty

Major in Business Administration
The program’s objective is to prepare students to launch a general career in business. In addition to the Haub School of Business Core, students take two (2) upper division courses from each of three different departments – Accounting, Decision & System Sciences, Finance, Food Marketing, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, Management, and Marketing. Contact, Dr. Eric Patton, epatton@sju.edu.  Meet the BA Faculty

Please contact any of the management faculty with questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you!

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