Haub School of Business

Department of Management

Internships, Independent Study, Practicum


Internships may be for academic credit or not, paid or unpaid.  This process is only for those students seeking academic credit for an internship whether paid or unpaid.

There are four forms linked above.  Please destroy any old forms.  In order to run a course at least 8 internships in the same semester in a specific major are necessary. 

The application is signed by the student, the advisor, a faculty mentor, the chair and Dr. Krug. Dr. Krug's office then takes the forms to the Registrar's office.  The Registrar's office reviews, builds the course and registers the student. 


This is meant to subsitute for an existing course that due to some conflict, the students cannot take in a regularly scheduled manner. The course number is the existing course with ISx as the section number. The HSB Advising Web site form should be used. http://www.sju.edu/academic/centers/hsbadvising/students/registrationrelated.html Dr. Krug is signing these for the Associate Dean. Dr. Krug's office then takes the forms to the Registar's office. The Registrar's office reviews, builds the course and registers the student.


FBE/IBU/LEO/MHC 471 (1 credit) Practicum: This course is meant for students with opportunities working over the course of the semester/summer whose employers require a credit as condition of employment. To apply, the student submits a letter to the chair explaining why the practical training is required and includes a letter from the employer. The student submits to the department chair an 8 - 10 page paper at the end of the practical training describing their work responsibilities and what skills s/he acquired by participating. Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Student's major must be a major in the Department of Management or approved by the chair and have completed MGT 110 or MGT120 or MGT121 or equivalent. Does not satisfy any major, minor, general education or elective requirement. Grade is Pass/Fail. May be repeated once. Permission of chair required.