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SJU Food Marketing Association

Our Mission   is to encourage and develop the Food Industry’s Leaders of Tomorrow. We, as members of the FMA, have been given the unique opportunity to develop relationships with classmates, faculty, and business professionals dedicated to the continued success and prosperity of the Food Industry. The members of the FMA strive to maintain the organization’s academic excellence, challenge each other to prosper in all facets of life, and gain respect and recognition from the SJU community and beyond…

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"The Food Marketing Association single-handedly enabled me to initiate the start of my career and has taken part in my ongoing personal career development thus far. From the relationships I developed, I have been able to seek out guidance from my peers about career related topics, gain additional insight on projects, and help others in their quest for other job opportunities. Membership with the FMA is an illusion because you think it may end at the culmination of your senior year, but really it can last a lifetime. I am forever in debt to the Food Marketing Association!"
Maureen Casserly
Johnson & Johnson Sales & Logistics Company, LLC