Center for Food Marketing

Professional Development - Program Design

Together we’ll design a customized professional development program that complements and supplements your organization’s ongoing training and education programs while taking into account your budget.

Clients collaborate with our faculty and staff on everything from the topics covered, to the involvement of presenters, to the program length, breadth and depth. The programs are geared to the appropriate organizational level of participants – from senior-level executives to line-level managers. Clients even choose the program location.  To learn more, please call 610-660-3485 or email

With more than 45 years of food marketing experience, our faculty has the knowledge and real world experience to help your business leaders stay not only on top of, but also ahead of the trends shaping the industry.

Looking to incorporate broader business topics in your food industry program?  We collaborate with the distinguished faculty at our internationally accredited Haub School of Business. These seasoned professionals are experts in a wide array of business disciplines, such as: leadership, management, business communication, accounting, finance, project management, and business ethics.

While Saint Joseph’s University faculty is predominately the presenters and facilitators for all programs, the Center’s far-reaching relationships with industry and other experts can also be integrated to impact the overall educational experience. Study tours often are incorporated to enhance the classroom education.

Our on-campus facilities provide a comfortable, motivating academic setting away from clients’ daily operations to foster learning, communication, team building, camaraderie and professional and personal development. Our staff can help arrange transportation, meals and lodging. Many clients prefer this turnkey solution.

Alternatively, our educational team will meet at your location saving clients valuable time and travel expenses.

Our online, self-paced program modules are perfect for busy executives or for companies training a range of participants who can’t afford to take time away from the office. 

Program Materials
Participants receive a Certificate of Completion and a binder or USB Flash Drive with the program materials.