Center for Food Marketing


Leaders in industry are proactive in shaping their future. They seek new uses of technology. They continually train and educate their employees. They drive research to identify trends, unearth opportunities, test ideas.

Businesses, organizations and government look to the Center for their customized research needs. Our research clients consult us for insights to the food industry, and for design, execution, and analysis of industry research. The state-of-the-art Mandeville Hall features a versatile focus group facility and adjoining test kitchen and telephone research operation. Let us help you today.

Our research clients value

  • Consulting with our academically-trained Food Marketing and Haub School of Business faculty and staff who are seasoned professionals with real world experience.
  • Learning from our network of industry experts, company leaders, trade associations and government agencies throughout the entire food system.
  • Using the vast food marketing resources at the Campbell Library.
  • Conducting cost-effective outbound telephone and online surveys in our telephone research operation, relying on both our qualitative and quantitative capabilities.
  • Using our focus group facilities.