Center for Food Marketing

Telephonic Research Operation

The Telephonic Research Operation helps businesses and organizations fulfill their research and fundraising needs. With over 9 years of experience, the TRO has provided clients with database cleansing services, internet reserach, and fundraising opportunities. The operation employs Saint Joseph's University students providing them with real work experience and the opportunity to develop new skills.


The mission of the Telephonic Research Operation is to provide excellent service to our clients. We aim to be the leader in the area of survey research, to diversify the revenue stream for the university, and to provide the students of Saint Joseph's University with a work atmosphere that is comfortable, flexible, and respectful.

About Us

The Telephonic Research Operation has 44 work stations, operates 52 weeks a year with day and evening hours, and employs students of Saint Joseph's University. In addition to database cleansing and telephone research, our supervisory staff has extensive experience in creating and collecting data through email surveys. Experienced in raising funds for Saint Joseph's University, our staff can also provide your organization with telephone fundraising opportunities utilizing industry cutting-edge phonathon software.