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What Women Want

Presented by the Center for Professional Development


What Women Want

at the Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph's University

Do you have big dreams but aren’t sure how to get started? Are you looking for something new, but not sure exactly what your path is? Do you need help getting motivated?

If you feel rudderless, scared or stuck, it’s time for you to take control.

Join the Haub Center for Professional Development at Saint Joseph’s University for a full day of speakers and workshops that will give you the support and resources you need to articulate your vision, break down barriers, and create new opportunities.

Expert speakers will explain that there is no “one path” to self-discovery and achievement and that your journey is unique. Workshop facilitators will share strategies that enable you to discover and value your strengths. You will become empowered to build authentic relationships, motivated to take charge of your career, and inspired to lead.

Get the resources and tools you need to:

  • Explore and define your personal and/or professional aspirations and a path to getting there
  • Gain insight into negative patterns of thinking and behavior that may be limiting your success
  • Develop a network of peer support that can help you stay motivated, provide accountability and encouragement
  • Be inspired and be an inspiration to other women on their journey

Who should attend: Women and their allies who are looking for ways to empower and support each other. Smart, ambitious professionals at all stages of their careers who are looking to take that next step to success.

Where: Wolfington Teletorium®, Haub School of Business (Mandeville Hall) at Saint Joseph's University – 5400 City Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19131

When: 05/31/2017

Price: $125

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