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Why Choose the Center for Professional Development at HSB?


Businesses today are operating in a fast-paced and rapidly changing world defined by global competition and influenced by factors such as a faster flow of information and communication, technological advances, socio-cultural behaviors, political shifts, environmental concerns, and business complexity.

Leading national and international companies relay on the experience and expertise of the AACSB-accredited Haub School of Business of Saint Joseph's University to create and deliver professional development programs that are customized to achieve their organization's unique goals.  The benefits of investing in professional development at the Haub School of Business are clear:

  • Instill values that inspire participants to be life-long learners and equip them with the additional knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for becoming more effective managers and leaders.
  • Empower executives, managers, and future leaders who are forward and creative thinkers, who are better prepared for change, who handle challenges and embrace opportunities, and who are excited about the future of their organization and industry.

The HSB's Center for Professional Development works closely with you to develop and deliver a customized education program built on your unique needs.  Our goal is to ensure that the skills and attitudes gained by the participants in the program are visible in their attitude, behavior, and overall performance in the workplace. 

The center molds each program to your orgranization's specific characteristics, culture, and objectives.

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Director, Center for Professional Development
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