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Academy of Risk Management and Insurance

Thought Leadership Presentations
SJU Study on Insurance Industry Demographics
Michael E. Angelina, ACAS, MAAA, CERA
Rajneesh Sharma, Ph.D.

The Academy of Risk Management and Insurance has just released the “Saint Joseph’s University Study on Insurance Industry Demographics”.  This presentation highlights the results from publicly available information of 100 US insurance companies.   The statistics presented include result of public information on gender, age, and tenure of directors, executives, and company insiders.  Additionally, the discussions from senior executives within both the life and property casualty insurance industry are included to provide further insight on the current demographics.  The key findings suggest that:

  1. There is a lack of gender diversity at both the executive and board of director levels of the insurance industry;
  2. The results vary based upon type of executive role and segment of the market; and
  3. Many executive leaders are interested in helping to provide a solution.