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Off-Campus Locations

Whether you need to quickly impart critical skills or knowledge to your employees, or want to offer education as a general employee benefit, we can design and deliver a custom course package at your site…your way.

With our degree completion program, we can offer your employees the opportunity to obtain that long sought-after college degree, right there at your site. We can design their degrees with subject matter concentrations that will benefit your success as employers.

We can also help your employees supplement their professional experience with preparations for industry certification exams, through our online, non-credit certificate programs, where you will find rigorous and demanding education expectations consistent with the quality associated with Saint Joseph’s University. After all, the premise that education is transformative is at the core of the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis, or care for the whole person.

Please take a moment to review some of our off campus locations and the variety of non-credit professional programming we offer. Contact the College of Professional and Liberal Studies either by email at or by phone at 610-660-1267 for degree completion information, or at 610-660-1260 for information about the non-credit on-line certificate programs.