Accelerated Degrees

B.S. Criminal Justice - Police Program

Offered at Philadelphia Police Academy, Lower Merion Police Department, Upper Providence Police Station, Bucks County Police Training Center.

Degree: This program provides the opportunity for sworn officers -- police, sheriff and corrections departments from the surrounding communities to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Saint Joseph's University. Officers must be currently employed by a federal, state or local governmental agency in order to attend courses at the Philadelphia Police Academy, Lower Merion Police Station, the Upper Providence Police Station or the Bucks County Police Training Center. 

Requirements: Fulfill the undergraduate curriculum in Criminal Justice totaling 120 credits (40 courses) as described in the current SJU course catalog. Students need to take at least thirty credits (ten courses) including four upper division courses required for the major from SJU.

Transfer: Up to 75 credits from an accredited college or university as long as the grade in each course to be transferred is at least "C" and fulfills a requirement of the program. This can include credits awarded to attendees of POLEX and similar programs. SJU awards twelve credits to students who have graduated from Basic Police Training Programs and three credits to students who have successfully completed their Correctional Academy courses. We will work with you to identify other ways which you may be able to earn academic credit through ELAP, CLEP and Challenge exams.

Scheduling: Courses will run two evenings per week for six weeks. One course will be offered during each six-week module. Two modules are offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer Sessions.

Location: Most of the courses will be taught at the off-campus sites, however, some may be taught at our main campus due to logistical issues such as faculty requirements and the need for computers.

Faculty: Courses will be taught by full time professors and adjunct instructors, many of whom are criminal justice practitioners.

Tuition: Tuition for students in this accelerated police CJ program represents a 25% reduction from the full tuition rate.

To obtain further information, please contact: or 610-660-1267