Crisis Management Online 24/7

Get your certificate without interrupting your life.
Many of our students have established careers and lead busy lives, neither of which can easily be put on hold. That's why SJU developed crisis management programs that can be completed entirely online. The only classroom you need to visit is our virtual one.

Not all virtual classrooms are the same
Some of the online educational programs advertised as having virtual classrooms consist entirely of pre-packaged modules with taped lectures and no actual interaction between teachers and students. SJU's online classroom is different. Our virtual classrooms offer you individual attention and genuine, person to person interaction.

How does this work?
Our virtual classroom is a computer-based interface whereby the teacher interacts with students via web conferencing, internet broadcasts and email. All you, the student, need is a computer with an internet connection. You attend lectures, receive and submit assignments, and participate in class discussions. Your teacher grades and comments on your assignments, offers suggestions and answers your questions. In many ways, the SJU virtual classroom is quite similar to a brick and mortar one.

Ready whenever and wherever you are
But that's where the similarity ends, because our virtual classroom is available to you anytime, anywhere. It offers you what's called a "rolling present". Which means that members of any gi ven class do not have to be present at the same time, allowing you to fit the required courses comfortably into your busy schedule and to proceed at your own pace.

Take your career to the next level
With its uniquely interactive virtual classrooms, the SJU Crisis Management Online Certificate Program offers you a cutting edge opportunity to earn your certificate entirely online so you can move ahead in your career without having to reconfigure your life.

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