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Supply Chain - Procurement Course Descriptions

PUR 101      Purchasing and Supply Chain Administration
This course is designed to introduce the principles of purchasing and supply chain management.  Emphasis will be placed on the organization and operation of the purchasing department, principles and procedures in purchasing-processes, strategy and planning (ERP, MRP, WMS, etc.).  This course will cover price considerations, quality, commodity management/sourcing, the negotiation process, legal aspects in purchasing, social responsibilities/ethics, supplier selection, supplier management and E-commerce/technology management. 

PUR 225      Purchasing Contracts:  Law, Development and Management
This course will cover the law, which is applicable to the acquisitions process and includes: an overview of purchasing law and the Uniform Commercial Code; contract types, critical terms and conditions, and concepts; remedies, damages, performance, repudiation and acceptance; and the effects of agency and other laws on the purchasing function.  This course also deals with the essential elements of contract development and management; negotiation tactics, contract revisions, integrating contract development into the source selection process, measuring and monitoring performance, and identifying key social responsibilities and ethical issues in the supply management profession. 

PUR 215        Materials, Logistics and Distribution
This course is designed to present a fundamental understanding of materials, logistics and distribution management in today's business environment, including: materials management and physical distribution management; inventory planning, forecasting, analysis and control; warehouse management; production and transportation/distribution processes and documentation; customer service; and supplier/supply chain management concepts. 

PUR 255         Risk Management/Disaster Recovery
This course will cover the importance of maintaining continuity of supply, the planning process which covers the identification of risks (physical, financial, labor, transportation, manufacturing capacity, security, geographic location, political, etc.) within various locations of the supply chain, business risk valuation, methods for mitigation/remediation, disaster recovery activities, social responsibilities/ethics, supplier management and negotiation tactics.

PUR 210         Global Supply Management
The course is designed to introduce the basic concepts and techniques of international sourcing, purchasing and supplier management.  Key elements in the course include: managing international logistics and customs operations, shipping terms and documentation, indirect transactions, supplier source development, cultural issues, pre-procurement and quality considerations, commercial law, countertrade, methods of payment, currency issues, quotations evaluation, negotiations, social responsibilities/ethics and supplier management.

PUR 230         Strategic Supply Chain Concepts and Techniques
The course covers the concepts, techniques and processes used to create effective strategies. It emphasizes essential management tasks such as team building, reengineering, work processes, new product development, supply chain leadership, organizational effectiveness, and customer service and project/relationship management. The course also includes an overview of strategic sourcing concepts, such as outsourcing: strategy and tactics, value adding opportunities, negotiations, accountability, and handling responsibility changes; and, identifies key social responsibility and ethical issues in the supply management profession.