English Programs

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The Department of English seeks to enlarge and refine the imaginative intelligence of its students - to enrich their intellectual lives as well as to help them develop their professional ones. The disciplined study of both literature and communications provides the means to those ends.

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B.A.  English Literature
(program requirements)

For students who select the study of literature as their major concentration, the Bachelor of Arts in English Literature gives an introduction to the most formative traditions - generic, historical, and critical - of British and American letters. Critical and analytical skills are developed by courses and seminars which offer an in-depth examination of a single author or specific topic. Because of their innate value in fostering intellectual maturity and as a preparation for more advanced study, the fundamentals of research will be systematically made available.

B.A. English/Professional Writing and Speaking (program requirements)

Certificate in English/Professional Writing and Speaking (program requirements)

The Department of English offers a concentration in professional writing and speaking designed for those who wish to study the theories and techniques of rhetoric as they are applied in particular professional fields such as:

  • Business Communications
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Print Journalism
  • Editing Technical Publications and Newsletters

Frequent practice in these techniques encourages students to communicate coherently, imaginatively, and with impact.

Professional Writing and Speaking (PWS) courses are offered in an accelerated format, i.e., 8 week modules, in the fall and spring, and 6 week modules during two summer sessions.

PWS course offerings include:

  • The Art of Editing
  • Sports Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Writing and the World Wide Web
  • Fiction Workshop
  • and many more