Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Environmental and Sustainability Studies

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Concentration in Environmental and Sustainability Studies/B.S. Professional and Liberal Studies (program requirements)

Recent career trends indicate increased job growth and interest in environmental areas. Objectives for the six course concentration in Environmental Studies within the Professional and Liberal Studies degree are for students to be able to:

  • Understand the natural environment as an integrated system of complex biological, geological, chemical, and physical interactio ns and how human activities affect that system.
  • Understand the connections and interdependency of ecology, economics, society, governmental regulation, and politics in the modern world and the implications of this for environmental problem solving.
  • Develop skills in addressing moral and social dilemmas implicit to solving environmental problems.

All students will take (in this sequence):

  • Environmental Science - ENV 101 and
  • Environmental Theory and Ethics Seminar - ENV 102

Students will also take four additional courses from the following three groups (Groups A-C).  Students must take at least one course from each group but no more than two from each group.

Group A: Natural Sciences

  • Bio 160 Heredity and Evolution
  • BIO 161 The Human Organism
  • BIO 162 Plants and Civilization
  • CHM 100 Chemistry for the Consumer
  • PHY 110 Physics: Concepts and Applications
  • PHY 111 The Astronomical Universe
  • PHY 112 Energy: Problems and Promise

Group B: Economics and Business

  • ECN 375 Environmental Economics
  • MGT 220 Business, Society & Ethics
  • MKT 150 People, Planet & Profit

Group C: Societal Issues

  • ENG 443 Special Topics in Writing - Nature Writing
  • HAD 110 Public Health and Epidemiology
  • IHS 280 Global Health Disparities
  • POL 327 Environmental Politics in America