Gaming & Animation

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Certificate in Gaming and Animation (program requirements)

Concentration in Gaming and Animation (program requirements)

The Gaming and Animation programs will prepare you to enter the dynamic, fast growing animation and video game/simulation industry. This program uses the latest computer games technology to teach advanced programming, mathematics, and software development. It is ideal for students with an interest in computer games who plan to seek employment in one of the country's more profitable industries, or students looking for a career in new technologies or software development. The interactive entertainment industry in the U.S. and throughout the world is entering a new phase. New technology platforms are forcing existing development firms to diversify. There are many aspects of game design, development, production, finance, and the distribution process. This certificate program specializes in the programming and technology aspects of the industry.

The computer game industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry. Jobs for skilled, creative video game 3D animation  program graduates with the conceptual and technical abilities to create dynamic video game concepts, characters and story lines are plentiful.

Consumer demand will keep the field of video game 3D animation art a hot career market. Many game designers work for computer game manufacturers, but there are also opportunities for self-employed professionals.

The Gaming and Animation certificate is a six- to twelve-month program that provides hands-on training in the skills and concepts of creating challenging, compelling, fast-action computer games. Graduates will be able to build characters, special effects and creatures using texturing, lighting, and 3D modeling.

  • 3D Character Modeling
  • Game Design
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Creating 3D Creatures
  • Creating 3D Vehicles
  • Texture Image Manipulation with Photoshop