Public Administration

Public Administration
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Concentration in Public Administration/B.S. Professional and Liberal Studies (program requirements)

Degree:The concentration in Public Administration prepares students for administrative responsibility in public service along with knowledge of the public environment.  A student in this program will develop an understanding of state and local government, public policy and public administration along with insight into and professional knowledge of organizational leadership and development.

Requirements: Fulfill the undergraduate curriculum totaling 120 credits (40 courses) as described in the current SJU course catalog. Students need to take at least thirty credits (ten courses) including four upper division courses required for the major from SJU. Students are required to take:

  • POL 313 Public Policy
  • POL 314 Public Administration
  • POL 315 Government and Business
  • POL 316 State and Local Government
  • ODL 300 Organizational Development
  • ODL 320 Leadership Development

Students will also take the following social science core requirements:

  • POL 111 Introduction to American Government and Politics
  • ECN 101/102 Micro or Macro Economics

and the math core requirements:

  • MAT 107 Excursions in Contemporary Math
  • MAT 118 Statistics for Social Sciences

Transfer: Up to 75 credits from an accredited college or university as long as the grade in each course to be transferred is at least "C" and fulfills a requirement of the program.We will work with you to identify other ways which you may be able to earn academic credit through ELAP, CLEP and Challenge exams.


Public Admin