Challenge Exams

Challenge Tests. Students making satisfactory academic progress may also earn credit by passing “challenge” tests to determine a student’s competency in a given subject in which the student has gained knowledge equivalent to that learned in a classroom. Students must receive a grade of C or better in this test to be awarded credits. Applications for “challenge” tests may be made after students have been fully accepted in the College of Professional and Liberal Studies. Department chairs must approve all “challenge” requests. Comprehensive written “challenge” tests, prepared and evaluated by PLS faculty, can be arranged by contacting the Associate Dean.

You may not challenge, CLEP, or ELAP a course that you are presently taking. You are required to “drop” or withdraw from the course, according to the catalog and schedule procedures, before seeking to challenge, CLEP, or ELAP the course. You cannot normally earn credit by exam in a course when you have completed a more advanced course in the same subject. If you fail a challenge exam, you must wait six months before challenging the same course again. Business courses can only be challenged once. A grade of P (pass) is recorded in all cases of credit by examination, including ELAP; this grade does not affect your cumulative average.