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Alpha Sigma Nu

Alpha Sigma Nu Inductees 2012-2013



The Saint Joseph's University chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu (AΣN), Jesuit Honor Society, is proud to announce its inductees for the 2012-2013 academic year. This group of individuals has made great accomplishments in scholarship, loyalty and service. AΣN seeks to understand, appreciate and promote the ideals of Jesuit education—opening minds, doors, and hearts to a lifelong journey in wisdom, faith, and service. We are a dynamic organization of lifetime leaders with Ignatian vision and values. It is presumed that those who apply for admission to Alpha Sigma Nu are familiar both with the history of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, and the hallmarks of Ignatian spirituality. These new members will join national members, Saint Joseph's University Alumni and the current chapter officers in inspiring wisdom, faith and service through and beyond their communities. 


2013-2014 Chapter Officers 


President  Scott Pyzik
Vice President  Kelly France
Secretary of Alumni Relations  Megan Smith 
Secretary of Member Relations   Victoria Angelucci
Secretary of External Relations Deidre McDermott

The following group of individuals were honored and inducted into Alpha Sigma Nu Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 11:00 am.


2012-2013 Inductees 

Seniors  Juniors  Graduates

Raya Diwata Abat
Michelle Berton
Michael Bryan
Casey Callahan
Colleen Callahan
Donald Carlino
Steven Coyle
Jennifer Cush
Kelly Dean
Gabrielle Eichelberger
Maureen Finlan
Lucas Guinan
Chelsea Halat
Theresa Kircher
Laura Levering
Breanne Mealey
Jenna Najjar
Elizabeth Nemeth
Ryan Pardo
Caitlin Rothwell
Nathan Shaw
Mary Sisti
Ellen Taylor
Megan Ward

Victoria Angelucci
Devlin Carey
Carol Collins
Amanda Cominsky
Jacob Dillabaugh
Ryan Fox
Kelly France
Andrea Ito
Magdalena Jagla
Deirdre McDermott
Scott Pyzik
Emily Reineberg
Anna Ryan
Brooke Severe
Megan Smith
Brandon Talisesky
Cassandra Tomkins

Antuan Ilgit
Jessica Kesler
Theresa O'Doherty
Hannah Rogers
Christopher Shovlin
Jeremiah Thomas
Corinne Vile