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This page includes information about GEP certification committees, policies, and procedures, as well as criteria and contact information for each of the certification areas.

Certification Committees

University-wide certification committees are responsible for certifying courses that would satisfy the following GEP requirements: First Year Seminar, Ethics Intensive, Writing Intensive, and Diversity/Globalization/Non-Western Area Studies. Each of these committees should consist of an equal number of faculty representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences and the Haub School of Business. Representatives are appointed by their respective College Councils and serve overlapping, three-year terms. The Faith and Reason certifying committee should consist of two members of the Philosophy Department, two members of the Theology Department, and two other faculty members approved by the Philosophy and Theology Faith and Reason committee members and by the CAS College Council. The chair of the GEP Oversight committee serves ex officio on all certification committees.

Complete lists of current certification committee memberships are available at the Faculty Senate Blackboard page.

Certification Policies

Each course being submitted for certification in a GEP certification area should be designed to meet the standards set forth in the GEP certification criteria (below).

Each course being submitted for certification in a GEP certification area should identify GEP learning goals and connect those goals to the course’s assessment measures.

Each course being submitted for certification in a GEP certification area should have received departmental approval. Certification committees should communicate the expectation of prior departmental approval in their certification standards and/or calls for proposals. In the case of interdisciplinary programs, approval should be received from the relevant academic advisory board.

Proposals should normally receive certification by the beginning of pre-registration in order to count for GEP credit the following semester.  Submission deadlines for new approvals in the certification areas are September 27 for approval for the subsequent intersession or spring semester and February 3 for approval for the subsequent summer session or fall semester.

Once a course is approved the certification committee should inform the contributing faculty member, the department chair, the registrar, the CAS and HSB advising centers and the GEP Oversight Committee chair.

Courses may be certified for all sections or only for approved sections. For the full policy on certification by section click here.

In the case of summer, intersession, online, hybrid, or eight-week courses, faculty should submit a proposal and syllabus in the relevant format to the certification committee (e.g., an online syllabus for an online course).  These courses may run for GEP credit in the certification areas only if they have been approved by the department and certification committee in the relevant format. For the full policy on certification of courses with nonstandard formats click here.

Certification Criteria and Contact Information

First Year Seminar

Contact Person: Ginny Miori (
First Year Seminar Criteria

Ethics Intensive

Contact Person: John McCall (
Ethics Intensive Criteria

Writing Intensive

Contact Person: Susan Liebell (
Writing Intensive Criteria

Diversity/Globalization/Non-Western Area Studies

Contact Person: John Neiva (
Criteria (for all three categories)

Faith and Reason

Contact Person: Joe Godfrey SJ (
Faith and Reason Criteria