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Welcome communications Studies Majors!

As a Communications major you will spend a lot of time using your computer, making media, and critiquing media. So, we strongly recommend that you get your own laptop. While we do have common computers in the lab spaces and classrooms, having your own computer will make your educational experience much easier.  People doing communications projects today are constantly on the go, and their equipment needs to move with them. Laptop computers provide this mobility, and the MacBook Pro laptop works best with the software used by creative people throughout the communications industry.

MBP 13

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Important Notes:
  • The AppleCare Protection Plan protects against hardware failure, but does not cover any accidental damage.  Please note that this is needed in order to receive support at the SJU Technology Service Center.
  • The Apple Care Protection Plan enables the Student Technology Center to facilitate warranty hardware repairs (non-accidental) for you, and provide a comparable loaner for you in the event the system needs to be sent out to Apple for repairs.
  • The Apple Care Protection Plan protects against hardware failure, but does NOT cover any accidental damage. Please look at our FAQs for insurance policies for accidental coverage.
  • Since Apple does not offer accidental damage insurance, it is strongly recommended that all students bringing a Mac on campus look into purchasing accidental damage insurance from a third party.

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