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Technology Service Center (TSC) - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return policy for CDW-G?

CDW-G has a 30-day return policy on computer equipment and accessories.  However, Microsoft does not permit the return of MS Office.  Software purchases are non-refundable. Please visit CDW-G website for information (
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    If off-campus (Winter or Summer Break, Study Abroad, etc), can students send their laptops to the Technology Service Center for repair?

    Yes, however the student is responsible for all shipping costs

    The better solution is to call the Partnered Vendor directly for support. The Vendor's warranty is honored internationally. Each country has its own repair center. By calling the appropriate International number, students will receive instructions on having their computer repaired.
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    If I am a Business or Psychology Major, do I have to purchase one of the Mandatory Recommended Laptops?

    No, you may purchase your own laptop from any vendor as long as it meets our minimum required specifications.
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     If I am not a Business or Psychology major, can I still take advantage of the Laptop Program?

    Yes, please click here for more information.
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    If I am not a Business or Psychology major, but I want to purchase a system through the SJU Laptop Program, should I pick one system over another? Do certain departments stipulate which one to purchase?

    Yes, certain departments stipulate which platform is better suited for your specific academic major. Please click here for more information on this.
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    Why do the Business and Psychology Laptop Programs use different Computer Platforms?

    Haub School of Business students and Psychology students have different computing needs.

    The Psychology department specifies the Apple platform for two major reasons:

    1.  All of the tenured/tenure-track Psychology faculty use an Apple computer as their primary office computer and are thus more comfortable teaching on the platform

    2.  Post Hall, the building in which the Psychology department resides, has classrooms, computer labs, and research labs that are mostly equipped with Apple computers. 

    The initial decision to be an Apple-based laptop program that was made when the program was first piloted in 1998 was due to the fact that the majority of the Psychology professors at the time preferred the Apple platform.

    HSB students are required to use several business applications not supported by Apple. For students to take advantage of all technology opportunities and meet requirements, they must have a Windows system.
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    What is your support for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10?

    Saint Joseph's University provides support for Microsoft Windows 7 , 8, 8.1 and 10.
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    What happens if I do not purchase the 4 year extended warranty for Lenovo and HP computers, bought through the University?
    If you choose not to purchase the extended warranty for your laptop, which was purchased through the University then you are limited to the following:

    • Limited One-Year manufacturer warranty
    • Campus Loaner available for One-Year
    • No accidental damage protection coverage without the extended warranty purchase. HP and Lenovo offer accidental damage protection with the extended warranties.  Apple does not
    • New Fall 2014 - Repair IT.  Have your computer serviced at the Technology Service Center for a nominal fee.  Questions?  Email

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    I recently purchased Computrace for my system. What are my responsibilities?

    • You will receive an email from Absolute Software. Follow the link in the email to register
    • If you did not receive an email, check your Spam Folder. If you cannot locate an email from Absolute Software, contact CDW-G
    • The link in the email from Absolute Software will allow you to set up and install Computrace. Follow the steps provided.
    • Retain all Computrace registration forms and information for the length of your policy
    • It is important to remember that it is the user's responsibility to register for Computrace

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    My wireless is not set up correctly, is there a guide on how to set it up?

    Yes, please login to the IT Support Portal using your SJU credentials for assistance by following this link: Wireless Access
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    Why does my Wireless lose connectivity at times?

    Wired connectivity is preferred in all cases and ensures the strongest and fastest connection possible without interruption.
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    I lost my Ethernet Cable. Can I get a spare?
    The Drexel Library and Technology Service Center offer spare Ethernet cables for students.

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    Who do I call if I have an technical issue with my computer?

    Call the Technology Service Center (TSC) at 610-660-2920. You may also e-mail them at
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    Where do I take my computer if I have a technical issue with it?

    Please take your laptop or desktop to the TSC in the Science Center Room 129.
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    Can I get a Loaner if my computer is set out for repair?

    If you are full-time, undergraduate HSB or Psychology student who purchased your computer through the SJU Laptop Computer Program, then yes, the TSC will provide you a loaner to keep until your computer is returned fully repaired and ready for use.  If you are not participating in the SJU laptop program but you have dropped your laptop off for service through the Repair IT program you will also be provided with a loaner if it needs to be sent out for repair.
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    What version of Microsoft Office do I need? And do you have any discounts for purchasing it?

    New - FALL 2014
    Microsoft Office is available free to SJU students.  more information.
    Questions?  Email

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    What Accessories are included with the laptops?

    The Apple laptops include items such as a Backpack, Ethernet Cable, lock, a  USB memory stick,  and a  mouse. The Windows systems include an Ethernet cable and lock.
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    What Warranties do you offer for laptops purchased through the Laptop Program?

    The HSB Laptop program (Windows) offers an  optional extended warranty that covers both hardware failure and accidental damage.  It is strongly recommended that you purchase the warranty with the laptop.

    The Psychology Laptop program (Apple) offers a 3 year warranty that covers hardware failure but does not include accidental damage. Accidental damage for Psychology laptops may be covered if you add a rider to your home insurance policy. Independent insurance providers specifically cover student purchases, however, and they are available through the following website's:
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    What if my computer has Accidental Damage, is it still covered through the Warranty?

    If it is an HSB laptop purchased through the program, and you purchased the optional warranty, then yes, it is covered for the length of the warranty.

    If it is a Psychology laptop, then no, it is not covered through the 3 year warranty. Please look into adding a rider to your home insurance policy for coverage on this. Also, independent insurance providers specifically cover student purchases, however, and they are available through the following website's:
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    Why should I buy from the SJU Laptop Program if I am an HSB student?

    HSB students who purchase through the SJU Laptop Program and purchase the optional extended warranty are covered for both hardware failure and accidental damage for the length of the warranty. The TSC also provides advanced support to these students by performing repairs and facilitating all advanced repairs directly with the Windows Partnered Vendor. Additionally, HSB students are entitled to Loaner Laptops if their computer goes out for repair.
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    Why should I buy from the SJU Laptop Program if I am a Psychology student?

    Psychology students who purchase the optional 3-year AppleCare warranty are covered for all hardware failure. Please note that accidental damage is not covered under this warranty. If you seek accidental damage coverage, please refer to the warranty question. The TSC also provides advanced support to these students by performing repairs and facilitating all advanced repairs directly with Apple. Psychology students are also entitled to loaners if their computer goes out for repair.
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    Can I learn more about Apple computers on the SJU Campus?

    Yes! Please head over to the first floor of the Drexel Library where there is a table set up especially for Apple product information. Also on display and available for use are two computer models currently available from Apple.
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    Why should I buy from the SJU Laptop Program if I am not a Psychology or HSB student?

    You are still entitled to the same benefits (warranties, support  and prices) offered by both the Psychology and HSB laptops--please refer to Open Laptop Program site.
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    When should I order my laptop? Is there a deadline?
    It is highly recommended that you purchase your HSB Laptop between May 1st and August 1st to ensure timely delivery. Orders placed after August 1st may get caught in back-to-school rush and experience back orders and delays.
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    What Anti-Virus protection is recommended?

    For Windows computers, students should install Security Essentials at this link:

    For Apple computers, students should install iAntivirus at:

    Students may visit the Technology Service Center (Science Center 129) or for help with these installs.
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    Are students allowed to have a wireless printer connected to the wifi in the dorms? Was buying a printer today and the employee said some schools do not allow it.

    No, the wireless feature on printers cannot be used in on-campus housing.  Printers must be hard-wired to computers in the dorms.