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Welcome, Class of 2020 and all new Hawks!
Office 365
Microsoft Office is free for all SJU students.Click icon above for information on how to download the software!
Educational innovation is the driving force behind Saint Joseph's University's mandatory laptop programs. These programs empower students to be navigators of their knowledge: collaborating, researching and communicating anytime, anywhere. The use of mobile computing, both inside and outside the classroom, prepares them for living and learning in today's world.

Windows Laptops now avaialble for purchase!  
The Haub School of Business mandates that all full-time, undergraduate students own a laptop. Purchasing a laptop through the program is not mandatory, but is recommended.

Students participating in the program receive special benefits including:

  • Exclusive SJU discounts on the latest hardware and software
  • On campus warranty support
  • Free loaners if students' laptops are sent out for repair

Check out the differences between purchasing through the SJU Laptop Programs and bringing your own laptop.

Follow the links above for more information on each program.

Need information on connecting your laptop to the SJU wireless network?

Mandatory Laptop Programs

Haub School of Business

Haub School of Business