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Welcome to Saint Joseph's University Psychology Laptop Program Webpage.

All full-time, undergraduate, Psychology students are required to have a laptop that meets the Psychology Department's minimum requirements for the first day of class.  Saint Joseph's University has partnered with Apple Inc. to offer students, faculty, and staff members with several laptop choices that meet both your personal and campus technology needs.

Find the Mac that's right for you.

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The new MacBook

Important Notes:

  • All SJU Recommended systems are bundled(À la carte) with the three-year AppleCare Protection Plan. This plan protects against hardware failure, but does not cover any accidental damage.  Please note that this is needed in order to receive support at the SJU Technology Service Center.
  • The Apple Care Protection Plan enables the Student Technology Center to facilitate warranty hardware repairs (non-accidental) for you, and provide a comparable loaner for you in the event the system needs to be sent out to Apple for repairs.
  • The Apple Care Protection Plan protects against hardware failure, but does NOT cover any accidental damage. Please look at our FAQs for insurance policies for accidental coverage.
  • Since Apple does not offer accidental damage insurance, it is strongly recommended that all students bringing a Mac on campus look into purchasing accidental damage insurance from a third party.