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Saint Joseph's University has contracted with IRBNet, a web-based system for management of IRB submissions.  IRBNet is expected to simplify the submission process and make all aspects of protocol management more convenient.

Investigators will submit their research protocols to the IRB electronically, through  The online toolset including all pertinent IRB documentation and instructions will help investigators, administrators and IRB Members to review, communicate and act on protocols more efficiently!

If you would like a preview of what to expect when you are ready to complete your application, please refer to the Investigator Submission Guide.

Group or individual training sessions are available upon request.  Visits to research oriented classes are also encouraged in order to reach a larger audience.  To request training contact Jena Fioravanti Burkett, the Research Compliance Coordinator, at, or at ext.1298.


IRBNet Training Resources

The link below will provide you with short videos and additional materials ("Training Energizer") to walk you through a new submission, as well as post-submission topics.  
You will need to login using the following institutional information:  
Username: sju
Password:  training 




Don't underestimate how easy it is to use IRBNet!  If you're ready, jump right in at  (Note: The Submission Guide is available within the document library on IRBNet as well)