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Announcing IRBNet!


The Office of Research Services is pleased to announce the adoption of the industry leading IRBNet suite of tools, accessible via the National Research Network, bringing electronic protocol management, on-line submissions and many other important research oversight features to the SJU research community.  We recognize the need to reduce manual and paper-based procedures, streamline protocol submission and review processes and leverage today’s best technologies throughout the research lifecycle.  As an important step toward these objectives, adoption of IRBNet now brings the SJU community a robust set of electronic tools supporting the management, submission, review and oversight of our research protocols. 

Effective January 1, 2013, all protocols (as well as revisions and renewals for Expedited and Full Board protocols) must be submitted electronically via IRBNet, and all review decision letters will be issued electronically via IRBNet.  If you have already completed your application using the old form in our Form Library, please feel free to submit it as an uploaded supporting document, through IRBNet before January 31.  If you wish to use the IRBNet Library form, you will find that it asks for almost identical information, so replicating your application within IRBNet should be fairly straightforward.  After January 31, researchers will be required to utilize the forms within IRBNet.  For detailed instructions that will guide you through your submission, please refer to the Investigator Submission Guide.

Some of IRBNet’s many features include:

-                Electronic document management

-                Web-based protocol sharing and collaboration

-                Automatic notifications

-                Electronic submissions and reviews

-                Integrated training and credential management and

-                Audit capabilities including electronic revision histories, electronic signatures and event tracking.


We’ve carefully chosen IRBNet not only for the important capabilities that it provides, but also because IRBNet is secure, web-based, and extremely intuitive and easy to use.  You may access IRBNet from virtually any computer using a web browser by visiting, and registering as a researcher affiliated with SJU.

If you require assistance as you familiarize yourself with IRBNet, please do not hesitate to contact Jena Fioravanti Burkett, Research Compliance Coordinator, at, or at ext.1298.