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Barbelin Scholars Program

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The Barbelin Scholars program was initiated for the class of 2009. This program uses a small pool of re-allocated scholarship funds to provide an additional incentive to select applicants offered Board of Trustees scholarships. Specifically, these applicants are also offered the possibility of funding for one summer of faculty-mentored research or scholarly activity while they are enrolled at SJU. Students who were given a Barbelin Scholars award were notified of that in their financial aid/scholarship information at their time of acceptance to SJU. If you are uncertain about your scholarship package, please consult your financial aid counselor in Hawk Central.

The summer position is contingent on the student doing the following:

  1. identifying an SJU faculty member who will be willing to serve as their mentor for the summer in which the scholarly activity is to occur.
  2. preparing and submitting a proposal, analogous to that submitted by students proposing and honors research project. The proposal must first be approved by the faculty mentor and then reviewed by the faculty committee overseeing the Summer Scholars awards.
  3. given the need for the identification of a faculty mentor and the development and approval of a proposal, it is expected that most Barbelin Scholars will wait to apply for support until their sophomore or junior years.

Students receiving approval for their project will then be guaranteed of support that summer. The will have the same expectations, in terms of hours to be committed to the project, presenting their work at the next CSA day, etc., as any other student supported during the summer program with University funds. While the funding for Barbelin Scholars is limited to one summer during their undergraduate career at SJU, there is no reason why they would not be able to apply for the University-wide positions provided by the Summer Scholars Program in subsequent years, or why they could not be subsequently supported by grants, gifts or other departmental or faculty funds.