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Summer Scholars Program

Summer Scholars Committee
2015 SSP Celebration 3

Applications for participation in the Summer Scholars program are reviewed at two levels. First, all applications are reviewed and ranked in terms of priority for support, by each relevant academic department or program. The ranked applications are then reviewed by a university-wide committee of faculty, which makes the final determinations for support.

The 2015 Summer Scholars Committee members are:

Fr. Peter Clark - Professor of Theology 
Dr. Piotr Habdas - Associate Professor of Physics 
Dr. Christina King Smith - Professor of Biology 
Dr. Benjamin Liebman - Associate Professor of Economics 
Dr. Phillip Schatz
- Professor of Psychology 
Dr. George Sillup - Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Marketing 
Dr, Brent Smith - Associate Professor of Marketing 
Dr. Paul Aspan - Associate Provost, committee chair ex officio