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Dr. WaQar Ghani

Dr. WaQar Ghani
My primary research areas of interest are:  Corporate Social Responsibility, Forensic Accounting, Capital Market Research, & Economics of Regulation. 

Dr. Joseph Larkin

Dr. Joe Larkin

AJ Stagliano

Dr. A. J. Stagliano

I will engage students--as many as three--in any of my five major on-going empirical research projects:

1. Sustainability reporting by companies that participate in the European Union Emissions Trading System;
2. Examining the use of CUSIP as a leading economic indicator;
3. Climate change and sustainability disclosures by large domestic public companies;
4. Cybercrime financial disclosures by SEC registrants; and
5. Sources for alternative definitions of a direct tax after the U.S. Supreme Court decision in National Federation of Business v.Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services (the "Obamacare" decision).

For all these projects, student tasks will include data collection, refinement, classification, and analysis.