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Dr. WaQar Ghani

Dr. WaQar Ghani

Areas of Research Interests:

I. Developed Economies, Emerging and Developing Economies: Issues and Lessons linked to Corporate Governance/Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility;

II. Valuation; Capital Markets; Financial Analysts' Forecasts and Impact on Asset Pricing;

III. Financial Reporting and Disclosures of Public Companies;

IV. Financial Shenanigans; Cooking the Books: Lessons in Business Ethics.

Dr. Joseph Larkin

Dr. Joe Larkin

Various accounting topics

AJ Stagliano

Dr. A. J. Stagliano

I will engage students--as many as three--in any of my six major on-going empirical research projects:

1. Sustainability reporting by companies that participate in the European Union Emissions Trading System;
2. Comparative examination of financial ratios by companies under IFRS and U.S. GAAP;
3. Extension of databases on climate change and sustainability disclosures by large domestic public companies;
4. Cybercrime financial disclosures by SEC registrants in a major U.S. sector;
5. Analysis of alternative cash flow reporting models under SFAS 95; and
6. Comparative analysis of codes of ethics for major U.S. corporations.

For all these projects, student tasks will include data collection, refinement, classification, and analysis.