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Dr. Kristin Burr

Dr. Kristin Burr
1. Medieval French literature, particularly Arthurian tales
2. Francophone women writers
3. Gender roles in Francophone literature
4. French-speaking North America
5. Paris through the ages 

Dr. Thomas Buckley
German Poetic Realism (mid-nineteenth century)
Fin-de-Siècle Germany
Relations between Literature and Science
Modernity (early twentieth century)
Swiss-German authors, especially Gottfried Keller
Language Pedagogy

Dr. Thomas Donahue (emeritus professor)
French Theater from Beckett to the present and Surrealism in France.  In neither case is French an absolute necessity, but some basic knowledge of French would be helpful.  You can contact Dr. Donahue by email at ""

Dr. Carmen Faccini

Dr. Carmen Faccini

Research interest: literary and film (re)construction of and in response to social and political issues in modern Latin America, such us dictatorships, exile, and political prison.  I am also interested in educational development in and cultural production of Latin American modern revolutions.


Dr. Paola Giuli
Dr. Giuli serves as faculty advisor for all majors and minors in Italian. She regularly teaches all levels of Italian Language as well as a variety of Italian Literature and Culture courses from the Italian Middle Ages to the Present. Her teaching and research interests include Gender Studies, the History of Italian Literary Criticism, Contemporary Literary Theory, Italian Film History and Theory, Language Theory, Methodology of Language Teaching.  In Summer 2008 Dr. Giuli is especially interested in directing work dealing with the following topics, among others:

  1. The Role of Gender Values in the Formation of Italian Eighteenth-Century Literary Canon
  2. The Emergence of Women in Eighteenth-Century Italian Academies
  3. The Jesuit Role in Italian Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Education Debate
  4. The Thematic Analysis of Rare or Manuscript Works by Eighteenth-Century Women (Poems, Prose, Essays)
  5. The Marvelous in Eighteenth-Century Literature, Science and Art
  6. Images of Rome in Art, Literature and Cinema: From the Grand Tour to the Present


Kristen Grimes

Dr. Kristen Ina Grimes

My area of specialization is Italian literature and art history of the Medieval/Renaissance periods. My research focuses
primarily upon interdisciplinary relations between literary and visual traditions.

The following upper-division courses I have designed and taught reflect avenues of inquiry students might pursue:

Italian 315:  Italy through Art
Italian 2241/380: Italian Journeys: From Marco Polo to the age of Mass Tourism
Italian 2251/445: The Medici Court: Poetry, Patronage and the Art of Power
Italian 2261/425: The Artist and the Madman in the Renaissance and Reformation
Italian 2271/460: Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio and the Dawn of the Renaissance