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Dr. Kristin Burr

Dr. Kristin Burr

Gender in medieval French literature
Love tokens in medieval French literature
1. Medieval French literature (particularly Arthurian tales, gender roles, and love tokens)
2. Francophone women writers
3. Gender roles in Francophone literature
4. French-speaking North America (Quebec, l'Acadie, New England, Louisiana)
5. Paris through the ages

Dr. Carmen Faccini

Dr. Carmen Faccini

Research Interests: Literary and film (re)construction and response to social and political issues in modern Latin America and the Caribbean, such us dictatorships, exile and political imprisonment. I am also interested in educational development and cultural production in Latin American modern revolutions.

In relation with the previously mentioned research interests I teach courses in a cultural studies framework or postcolonial theory--such as Narratives of Slavery in the Hispanic Caribbean, Dictatorships in the Southern Cone, Culture in Revolution, among others--, which explore the historical, political and social subtexts of the works analyzed.


Dr. Paola Giuli

Dr. Giuli serves as faculty advisor for all majors and minors in Italian. She regularly teaches all levels of Italian Language as well as a variety of Italian Literature and Culture courses from the Italian Middle Ages to the Present. Her teaching and research interests include Gender Studies, the History of Italian Literary Criticism, Contemporary Literary Theory, Italian Film History and Theory, Language Theory, Methodology of Language Teaching.  In Summer 2008 Dr. Giuli is especially interested in directing work dealing with the following topics, among others:

  1. The Role of Gender Values in the Formation of Italian Eighteenth-Century Literary Canon
  2. The Emergence of Women in Eighteenth-Century Italian Academies
  3. The Jesuit Role in Italian Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Education Debate
  4. The Thematic Analysis of Rare or Manuscript Works by Eighteenth-Century Women (Poems, Prose, Essays)
  5. The Marvelous in Eighteenth-Century Literature, Science and Art
  6. Images of Rome in Art, Literature and Cinema: From the Grand Tour to the Present

Dr. Nikoloutsos

Dr. Konstantinos Nikoloutsos

  1. Cinematic Recreations of Ancient Greece and Rome. Emphasis on Hollywood films from the early Gold War era, as well as from recent years.
  2. Reception of Greco-Roman Drama, especially in Latin American Theater. Focus on Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba.
  3. Gender and Sexuality in Classical Antiquity. Emphasis on representations of hetero- and homo-erotic life in Latin poetry of the Republican and Augustan Periods.
  4. The Uses and Abuses of Antiquity in Modernity.