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Dr. Emily Hage

Emily Hage, Ph.D.

Modern and contemporary American and European art; print media, museum studies, relationships between text and image, art and national, religious, and racial identity, social justice, teaching writing

With a background in philosophy, political science, and economics, I am fascinated by the social, political, cultural, and economic context of art, particularly as it relates to national, religious, and racial identity and issues of social justice. The relationship between image and text, particularly in collage and artists’ magazines, is of particular interest to me, as the two have the potential to convey particularly pointed and poignant messages. Having worked in museums for years, I also am committed to making cultural institutions accessible and engaging for a broad range of audiences and raising awareness of the importance of display design.
The distinctiveness with which the visual arts can express devotion, critique, and confusion motivates my study of artists’ varied responses to their specific historical conditions. Although often overlooked, artists’ involvement with print media constitutes some of their most direct and widespread effectiveness. My research on artists’ magazines from the early twentieth century has informed my analyses of later works by artists infiltrating mass media circulation and grappling with religious issues, which are particularly challenging in today’s political climate. Locally, I am involved in supporting artists in Philadelphia, whose work speaks to issues of social justice and contributes significantly to the increasingly globalized art world of the twenty-first century.

Dennis McNally

Dennis McNally, S.J., Ph.D.

I am a painter and a writer.  I've been working on books and painting.  There are five books.  I'm now working on preparing my work for both an addition of fifteen years of painting to my website.  I have a couple of hundred images for the website and for the blog -- they need to be "cleaned up" in Photoshop before being processed into the website by Rolando Corpus, my webmaster.  I am also intent on preparing the introduction of a blog.