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Dr. Balasubramaniam

Divya Balasubramaniam

I am an applied micro economist with broad research interests in development, health and gender issues in the developing world. My current research specifically focuses on access to water and its implications for childhood health outcomes, and gender violence on maternal and child health outcomes in India. However, some of my research touches on how social aspects can play a key role in determining these outcomes. I continue to expand my research interests within the scope of development and health related topics that interest me. Current project include the following: I analyze the health aspects of female empowerment in the developing world such as: 1) maternal health outcomes and 2) consequences of children’s health status due to maternal empowerment.

Dr. Laura Krispin

Dr. Laura Crispin

My areas of interest are Economics of Education, Poverty/Income Inequality, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Time-Use Analysis.


Dr. Benjamin Liebman

Professor Liebman specializes in international economics and applied microeconomics. His current research focuses on the impact of U.S. trade policy. Dr. Liebman is particularly interested in U.S. antidumping policy as well as trade protection in the U.S. steel industry. However, Dr. Liebman is open to working with students on projects involving any type of economics.

C. Pardo

Dr. Cristian Pardo

My research interests are macroeconomics, international finance, health economics and labor economics.